Participation in several exhibitions

The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Commerce in order to better present Cypriot products and in an effort to increase Cypriot exports to Greece, participates in the following exhibitions held in various cities of Greece:

State pavilions:

  1. Food and Beverage Exhibition «Food Expo»
  2. “International Fair of Thessaloniki”
  3. “Map of Flavours”
  4. ”Oenorama”


Information booths:

  1. Kavala Exhibition «KAVALA EXPO»
  2. Exhibition “Supply Chain and Logistics»

In addition, the Cypriot exporters participating in specialized exhibitions held during the year in Greece, based on the aid scheme “De minimis”, are paid 50% of their expenses in order to promote the agricultural and industrial products.

As regards to the promotion of services in Greece, emphasis has been given to education, with the participation of Cyprus in the International Exhibition “Education and Labor”. The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Commerce is considers the presentation of Cypriot Universities and Colleges twice every year around Greek cities.