Trade Centre’s Activities

The establishment and operation of Cyprus Embassy Trade Center Athens is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Commerce of Cyprus to present, promote, expand and diversify the export of Cypriot products and services in the Greek market.

The main activities of the Commercial department in Athens focus on:

  1. Promotion of Cyprus Industrial & Agricultural products and services sector

To present and promote Cyprus Industrial, and Agricultural Products and Services the Trade Centre in  Athens organizes advertising campaigns through the press, radio and television, films and printed material as well as through public relations, personal contacts and other relevant activities.

  1. Organizing participation in fairs and exhibitions

In full cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Commerce it undertakes the organization and promotion of the official participation of Cyprus in a large number of both general and specialized exhibitions in Greece.

  1. Provision of list of importers to Cypriots exporters

The research for potential buyers of Cypriot products and services is a very important service for Cypriot exporters, particularly for those attempting for the first time to trade their products in the Greek and Balkan market.

  1. Provision of commercial information

Provides relevant information to Cypriot exporters regarding export prospects of their products in the Greek and Balkan markets (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro). It also provides relevant information on investment opportunities in Cyprus, operating international companies and promotes specialized exhibitions organized in Cyprus. It also monitors trade relations and the economic development of Greece on issues related to the marketing of Cypriot products.

  1. Investigation of new products export prospects

Explores the possibilities for growth or differentiation of Cypriot exports and export opportunities for new products in Greece, conducts market research for the realization of specific consumer products and services.

  1. Contacts and relationships

Promotes good relations with various Government Agencies of Greece, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations and represents Cyprus in conferences and other events organized by a wide range of economic operators in Greece.

  1. Seminars and Events in Greece

Within the framework of promoting Cyprus both as of an International Business Activities Centre and an Investment Center, the Commercial department in Athens in collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), the Federation of Employers and Industrialists and the Central Bank of Cyprus, contributes substantially to the organization of special seminars and other relevant events.

  1. Organization of Trade Missions to Cyprus

CETC Athens organizes visits of Greek importers and journalists to Cyprus in order to establish contacts with Cypriot companies to learn about the export potential of Cypriot products, the development and prospects of the Cypriot industry and agriculture.